Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday Ride

Last week was not a great work for workouts. It was cold and rainy and since I am the Lazy Triathlete I did not get much done. However, Sunday I did participate in the Half VASA ride sponsored by the Washington Area Bicycle Association and the House of Sweden. It was good to get out and ride about 30 miles, but the organization of the event left a little to be desired.

I really expected a more organized event. We received a cue sheet and off we went. There was no leader, the roads were not marked, and the start times were not correct. However, my buddy and I did enjoy a cold ride out to Great Falls, MD, did about 2300 feet of climbing along the way, and I was still home in time to have a hot grilled cheese sandwich.


Renae said...

It's in Fredericksburg, and it's only Fridays and Saturdays that start at 7:30, the other days are 5:30.

Rainmaker said...

Mmmm...grilled cheese. I would make myself one right now - but I just ate dinner. :(

Sunday was a great day for a bike ride - must have been awesome! I've never ridden out to Great Falls.

Lesser is More said...

For the 2nd year in a row, I missed that event. Instead I went to a wine and food festival in DC. Choices, was the blueberry soup that they advertise?