Monday, March 17, 2008


These past few weeks I have just been overwhelmed with stuff. When ever I get overwhelmed, instead of eating the elephant one bite at a time, I tend to stop doing the things I don't want to do and just let the shit pile up. Thats not good. Its amazing how fast you are in over your head. So this is the week I plan on digging my head out of my ass and get caught up. My dear readers, please hold me to it. I will post updates. LOL

On the plus side, I did get my bike into the shop this weekend for it's annual physical. The doctor said he should be ready on Friday. In addition to the physical he is getting new tires. I have about 1500 miles (450 trainer miles) on these tires and they have been wonderful. However, I don't want to take any chances so new tires will be installed. I have decided to go with the All Condition Amadillo Elite by Specialized. I had the S Works Mondo and loved them, so I hope I am not cursing myself with these new tires.


Rainmaker said...

"My dear readers, please hold me to it. I will post updates. LOL"

Ok, so it's been 1 hr and 15 minutes...are you done yet? What's taking you so long? How 'bout now? Done yet? Slow poke. ;)

I know how ya feel...

CoachLiz said...

OK Lazy Tri Guy,

It is Tuesday now. We want a progress report. I have not done the Armadillos but I swear on Conti Ultra Gatorskins. I have been running the same tire on the front wheel for almost 2 years now with out any flats and I changed out the back tire last year just because the trainer gave it some wear. No flats on the back wheel since 2006. Needless to say, my speed in tire changing has gone WAY down, HA! Got to practice that.

IronMatron said...

Yep! Want an update! Funny, when things get overwhelming I just have a mental breakdown and cry. You should try it. It makes others feel badly, and then they help you dig you out. Works like a charm.