Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Running and a New Book

I was up at 0445 this morning for my bi-weekly run with Janel. It was absolutely painful to get out of bed this morning. I was unable to fall asleep last night and ended up reading half a great book (more on that in minute).

As usually, once I got the blood flowing I was very happy I was up and out at Oh Dark Early. We did our normal route through the neighborhood and had a very spirited talk (which we usually do). I am starting to get back on the right track and work off my winter coat and get ready for Columbia.

My partner in crime at worked turned me on to the Doc Ford Series, by Randy Wayne White. I bought the first book, Sanibel Flats, last night and I was up until almost midnight reading it. If you are looking for literature, I would not read this series. However, if you like mystery/action with a Jimmy Buffett flavor and some love interests thrown in, you will love this series.


triguyjt said...

just got my hands on the new michael deaver. he hadn't written a book in a while....

this one....sleeping doll is very good....

glad i dont watch alot of tv.

have a good one

IronMatron said...

Not a big mystery fan--but maybe I'll try it anyway! I just read Running With Scissors--a biography. It's hysterical and horrifying. Another good one to try!

Once you get the blood flowing, morning workouts are the best. There's nothing like knocking out a run before the rest of the world even gets up.