Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am back!!!

Wow. It has been a long time since I posted something of substance. The last couple of weeks have been busy and I have had some kind of cold. I hope I am about over it.

Due to having a heavy head, working late, and drinking too much during the week I was a bum. I was able to get in about 2000 yards of swimming on Tuesday. It was rather slow, but it made my shoulder feel better. Its too embarassing to go into detail about how I hurt it. But suffice to say it deals with ice, steps, and leather bottom shoes.

Friday we had more ice, but not nearly as much as was promised by the weatherman (thank God), so on Thursday we made the decision to work from home. I was able to get in a 50 minute ride on Friday between emails, powerpoint presentations, and phone calls. It felt good to be back on bike. Next weekend I am going to be doing the VASA Ride sponsored by the WABA and the Swedish Embassy. I will only be doing the Halv Vasa which is 28 miles. I don't have the legs yet for a comfortable 55 miles.

Today I hit pavement for a nice little 6.2 mile run along the Potomac and Old Town. I decided to keep it fairly short due to the cold I have been battling and not running in two weeks. I feel really good now and I think I am going to go heat up left over Crispy Hot beef.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know I have been remiss in posting in the last couple of weeks. I am battling a cold and cough which have settled in my head, and I was in Orlando for some fun. As soon as I get caught up at work, I will post some of the happenings and some photos.

I have also been tagged, so I will generate that list also.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a Busy Week

Wow!! Where did the week go? Talk about some long days this past week. But you know, you feel good when you can look back and see everything you have accomplished. Tuesday was just a very long day at work. I had meeting early and did not get out of there until after 7pm. However, I was able to get in a bike ride, errr trainer ride.

Wednesday start off very hot and humid for Feb. The Wednesday morning St Elmo's run actually grew by one 33.3% We had 3 runners. We did about 5 miles with 3 two minute pick-ups. It was a really good work out. After a full day at work, the DC Tri Club Board met. So I did not get home until almost 11pm.

Thursday was not a good day for swimming. I woke up with the alarm at 0450, sat up in bed and the next thing I knew it was 0625. No swimming for me. A full day at work and then off to the DC Tri Club New Triathlete Program (NTP) happy hour. I did not get home until after 9pm.

Friday was another St Elmos run, but we kept it rather short--maybe 3.5 miles. It was just enough to get the blood flowing.

Today, I did an hour on the trainer and then Donna and I had lunch, hit REI, and then headed down to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. They have really fixed it up since the last time I was down there. The new part is totally amazing. I highly recommend it.

This was taken from the back yard over looking the Potomac River. Today was just totally awesome. The weather was great and so sunny. You could not ask for a better day to be outside playing tourist. This actually the resting place of our first president. I did not get a photo of the wreath, but due to a wreath laying, the iron gates were open and you could see very clearning inside.

This is in the visitors center. Its a replica of Washington as a surveryor. The new addition is great. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting town.

Tomorrow Donna is heading out of town early, so I plan on getting an early swim and then running with some friends after lunch. I hope I get it in and it doesn't kill me. Its been a long time since I did two work outs in one day.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Root Canal

I showed up at my dentists this morning at about 0750 this morning and told the receptionist that I the doctor wanted me to come in first thing because I had broken a tooth. So right at 8 I was taken back and put in the chair, the pretty assistant with the great assets took some x-rays of the booth and then the dentist came in. He looked at said, "Son, your tooth broke because you had an abcess. Did you have a filling on that tooth?" I had a lot of filling as a kid. My mother has terrible teeth and I inherited that trait.

After some chit-chat about boating and fishing, he numbed me up really good. Then I waiting and waited and waited. Finally he back in and went to work. I learned that he likes to fish, he went gambling this weekend and to a party he did not really want to go to, but he had a great time anyway. I also learned his assistant is a big party animal. I am glad she was not hung-over.

More more novicaine, lots of drilling, and even a burning smell I was all done. I have to admit that was actually a very pleaseant trip to the dentist--even for a root canal. My dentist ROCKS!!!!

After I got home, I was very patient and careful as I drank. I would place my finger to my lip to make sure I knew where it was and then I would drink. I did that every time, but ONE!! So you can imagine what happened. I spilled my drink all over my shirt. Go ahead and laugh--I did.

I feel pretty good this evening. My jaw hurts from the pulling and pushing and prodding. However, I don't really have any pain. So I count myself lucky. Back to the pool in the morning.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

You ain't gonna believe this $&%@

Friday night I was sitting on the couch watching the news, eating my lovely brides delicous pizza, when felt something pop in mouth. The next thing I know I bite down on my own tooth. OUCH. I broke a molar. How the hell do you break a molar eatting pizza? I have no f-ing idea. However, my dentist called me right back after leaving my number. So I will be at his office first thing on Monday to see what can be done. I really hate dental work.

This weekend was my monthly Battle Assembly. Remember the old Army Reserve commericals, "One weekend a month, two weeks a year"? Then there was a year in Afghanistan and another in Iraq. I have gut feeling there will be another coming in soon. I have been home for almost 5 years.

Saturday was pretty cold and I was still weary of what would happen with my tooth, so I did not run during lunch. Today, I finished up what I was doing and I was able to get out before 11. I drove over to the gym, changed and went for a run of a little over 5 miles. As you can see below most of the run was around the Fort Meade Golf Course. It is a crushed rock trail through the woods. It is a very nice place to run. It has some hills, which I needed to run. All in all it was a good run. It was a little slower than I had hoped at 49 min and some change. But the hills caused that. I will only get faster running the hills.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Rain Rain

I got this morning looking forward to 5 mile hilly workout and what do I see is rain. Don't get me wrong, we need some rain and I know come spring and summer we will be glad we have the reserve, but I am trying to get a running group started in my neighborbood. There is plenty of training going through out the club, the key is getting it communicated to the general population. Plus my runs on Wed and Fri start at 0530--people don't alway like that. So on the run front today was a bust. Oh well!!

So I know all you dear readers are wondering what The Lazy Triathlete did? Did he go back to sleep? Sit on his ass and drink coffee? I know the suspense is killing you. I actually got in a 50+ min spin watching Crockett and Tubbs bust a kiddie porn king. What a way to start the day!!!!

Yesterday I was in the pool at the Y. After a short 300 warm up, we did a 500 yd time trial. I had been hoping we start doing some TTs. I either swam in 9:16 or 10:07 I lost track of 50 yards I am not sure which is correct. I really need to get me a lap counter. After that we did some lifeguard type drills with a brick. You swim to the brick, dive into the deep end to retrieve it, and then kick on your back holding the brick above your head. You have to kick hard to keep your speed up or you will sink. It was a good leg work out.

This weekend is Army weekend. I hope to get in today's run on Saturday. But we will see.