Monday, February 4, 2008

Root Canal

I showed up at my dentists this morning at about 0750 this morning and told the receptionist that I the doctor wanted me to come in first thing because I had broken a tooth. So right at 8 I was taken back and put in the chair, the pretty assistant with the great assets took some x-rays of the booth and then the dentist came in. He looked at said, "Son, your tooth broke because you had an abcess. Did you have a filling on that tooth?" I had a lot of filling as a kid. My mother has terrible teeth and I inherited that trait.

After some chit-chat about boating and fishing, he numbed me up really good. Then I waiting and waited and waited. Finally he back in and went to work. I learned that he likes to fish, he went gambling this weekend and to a party he did not really want to go to, but he had a great time anyway. I also learned his assistant is a big party animal. I am glad she was not hung-over.

More more novicaine, lots of drilling, and even a burning smell I was all done. I have to admit that was actually a very pleaseant trip to the dentist--even for a root canal. My dentist ROCKS!!!!

After I got home, I was very patient and careful as I drank. I would place my finger to my lip to make sure I knew where it was and then I would drink. I did that every time, but ONE!! So you can imagine what happened. I spilled my drink all over my shirt. Go ahead and laugh--I did.

I feel pretty good this evening. My jaw hurts from the pulling and pushing and prodding. However, I don't really have any pain. So I count myself lucky. Back to the pool in the morning.


IronMatron said...

ouch ouch ouch! I can't believe it wasn't that bad...

triguyjt said...

i love it when they carry on conversations that you can't take part in.

ahhh channnt feee mhhh tonggeg

Xena said...

Hey dahling, glad you're over the flu, sorry to hear about your tooth, that massively sucks.

Trying to convince Coco to come out and shuffle with you bright and early next week.

rocketpants said...

Not bad root must have a good dentist! Glad to see you were back at it rather quickly too. That's great.

Diana Dickert said...

Awwwww! You're lucky that it didn't hurt you. You must be very thankful to your dentist! =) Well, my friend also had a root canal recently, and it wasn't bad at all too! =D