Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a Busy Week

Wow!! Where did the week go? Talk about some long days this past week. But you know, you feel good when you can look back and see everything you have accomplished. Tuesday was just a very long day at work. I had meeting early and did not get out of there until after 7pm. However, I was able to get in a bike ride, errr trainer ride.

Wednesday start off very hot and humid for Feb. The Wednesday morning St Elmo's run actually grew by one 33.3% We had 3 runners. We did about 5 miles with 3 two minute pick-ups. It was a really good work out. After a full day at work, the DC Tri Club Board met. So I did not get home until almost 11pm.

Thursday was not a good day for swimming. I woke up with the alarm at 0450, sat up in bed and the next thing I knew it was 0625. No swimming for me. A full day at work and then off to the DC Tri Club New Triathlete Program (NTP) happy hour. I did not get home until after 9pm.

Friday was another St Elmos run, but we kept it rather short--maybe 3.5 miles. It was just enough to get the blood flowing.

Today, I did an hour on the trainer and then Donna and I had lunch, hit REI, and then headed down to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. They have really fixed it up since the last time I was down there. The new part is totally amazing. I highly recommend it.

This was taken from the back yard over looking the Potomac River. Today was just totally awesome. The weather was great and so sunny. You could not ask for a better day to be outside playing tourist. This actually the resting place of our first president. I did not get a photo of the wreath, but due to a wreath laying, the iron gates were open and you could see very clearning inside.

This is in the visitors center. Its a replica of Washington as a surveryor. The new addition is great. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting town.

Tomorrow Donna is heading out of town early, so I plan on getting an early swim and then running with some friends after lunch. I hope I get it in and it doesn't kill me. Its been a long time since I did two work outs in one day.


triguyjt said...

its been sooooo long since i went to mount vernon.. but i remember the trip vividly.

so you have a home on the potomac?? very nice sir...enjoy

Rainmaker said...

Funny you mention Wednesday. I opened the garage door when I headed to work and I thought "Damn, where the heck did this humidity come from?".

I agree, today was awesome.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

JT--I meant that was from Washington's backyard--not time.

IronMatron said...

Never been to Mt. Vernon. On the list of about billion things I someday want to see!
Hope the double went great!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice workouts, great pics, and I hope the 2 workouts went well!!!

IronMatron said...

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