Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Workout Day and Bad Television

Today is a dreary rainy day here in the Nation's Capital, but that did not stop me from getting in a good morning of working out. I was at the pool at 0530 this morning for my adult league swim. We started off with some kicking drills and then went into a long boring workout. I needed the long, but not the boring. We did one set of the following:
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 200, 250, 200, 150, 100, 50. That was followed by some more light kicking to cool down.

When I got home I opted to get in a 30 ride on the trainer. I was able to do 8 miles in those 30 minutes and watch half an episode of Miami Vice. Then it was off to work.

The episode of my Miami Vice is not the bad TV I am refering too the title. It is a really bad show on TLC called Jon and Kate plus 8. My wife for some reason is a BIG fan of reality TV. It actually makes my stomach crawl. The only two that I give the time of day are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. However, I would never watch those on my own.

Last night she was watching Jon and Kate and the wife (Kate) was bitching at her husband about the way he was trying to put pinecones in a box. I have no idea why anyone would put pinecones in a box and then story them in the garage (Christmas?). I try to be a pretty good hubby, but the one thing that irritates the hell out of me being told how to do something. Just tell me what you want done and let me do it. Just because it is not "your" way doesn't make it wrong. The poor man was on national cable TV being ridiculed by his wife on how he was putting pinecones in a box. I was really truly amazed at how nutless this man was. I have seen bits and pieces of this show when my wife is watching in the past and I have always come to the same conclusion. However, my wife sees nothing wrong with it. It just pisses me off. LOL


Tribrit said...

OK LT, question for you as you think my bet is fodder for comedy. Are you competing at Nations this year because at least one of the Brits will be there!!

kodiacbear said...

I could not agree more about the reality shows! My hubby does the laundry--all of it--and puts it away (I don't really care if is not folded) and I have aquaintences who are utterly amazed that I "let him do it"-are u kidding me?-- because "they never do it right" --again--r u kidding me?? It's done. Period. Not my way. But its done--LET IT GO, man, Just Let It Go and be happy its done. and don't get on national television about it.

CoachLiz said...


Now I am feeling like a witch for complaining about how hubbo did not feed the kid on one of my posts.

I will do better, I will do better, I will do better, I will do better, I will do better...