Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just being Lazy.

This past week has been crazy!!!!! I like being busy, but sometimes you just need some time to breathe. I am so far behind is some many things—which includes keeping all of my loyal reader(s) up to date.

Last week, I was able to get in one swim and then one run. I was unable to swim last Thursday due to an early morning meeting and no run on Friday because it was my weekend to go play army. This month it was a Friday thru Sunday battle assembly. The weather was just plain shitty on Friday and Saturday, so the bike ride that Mike and I had planned did not occur. Sunday was just COLD and neither of us brought cycling or running clothes so the weekend was a bust for exercise.

Today it was back in the pool. I was glad to get wet again and get the HR up. The workout was some short sprints, followed by a 250, 500, 250 and then a cool down. Now just get my distance back up. I have been doing about 2200-2300 yards in the 50 min workout. I would like to make that closer to 2500—but that would mean I would have to be there consistently.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Rainmaker said...

Life has that bad habit of getting in the way and ruining the best of training plans.

No worries, you were able to get in a solid swim workout!

triguyjt said...

get that distance up...you'll be all set

CoachLiz said...


It does not sound like you were being lazy at all.


Jenn said...

wasn't sure if the Mrs. was still doing the Shamrock this weekend?? If so, best of luck to her!! :)