Friday, August 24, 2007

That toddlin' town

My bags are packed and the plane leaves in 3 hours. I did not get to bed as early last night as I wished. I was taking the PADI Enriched Air Scuba Course and I did not get home until after 10pm. I finished up some work stuff that I needed to have submitted (its great that I will not be back at work until after Labor Day). After I laid in bed, I started wondering if my GU and sunblock needed to be in a one quart clear plastic bag? I am hand carrying all my racing gear. My GU, sunblock and anti-fog stuff are now happy in a clear plastic bag that I can easy show TSA.

I talked with Mira and John yesterday. The bikes had just entered Ohio on the top of their car and the trip was going well with the exception of John forgetting his phone. But then John is a rocket scientist--no really he is.

I am enjoying my cup of coffee and I am finally starting to get nervous (or is it excited). I have never done a race that had this many people in it. My age group has over 700 signed up. My last race only had 300. There will be over 9000 people participating this weekend. That makes for some crowded streets. The weather looks perfect with a low of 65 and high of about 80. Lets just hope for low humidy.

I will soon be playing with my neice and nephew. Those two balls of fire will keep any aprehension at bay. I will not have time to think about the race. LOL

I hope to have a race report posted on Monday.

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