Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pound Cake

Not the yummy dessert, but the Van Halen (Van Hagar) song. I did not get in a work out yesterday due to combination of poor planning on my part and a date with Donna. So I was up early this morning (man it was hard to get out of bed) and hit road. My planned workout today was a 70 min run with some pickups and hard effort. How does all this tie with Pound Cake?

After my 15 min warmup, my ipod full of fun 80s songs started with Pound Cake:

"And homegrown and down-home, that makes oneCookin' up that old time, long lost recipe for me. Woo!It's gettin' hard to findGuess it ain't hip enough nowYou take an average guy, he can't identify, uhAnd there's a short supply of her fine, fine stuffLemme get on, lemme get on, lemme get on some o' thatShake it up, bake it up nice, uh!Lemme get on, lemme get on, lemme get on all thatI so love my baby's poundcake"

This morning those lyrics put me in the zone and I was "cooking". I must have played that 4 times on my run. I ended my run having covered 8.1 miles in 1 hour 7 mins and ?? seconds. That works out to about an 8:20 m/m pace for 8 miles. I am more than happy with that!!!

This was my last really hard, long run prior to Chicago. I will use the last DC Tri Club Training Tri was my final hard prep for Chicago.

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Jenn said...

call me a purist, but I prefer old fashioned, David Lee Roth Van Halen .... give me some Diver Down on cassette with the ice cream man any day of the week.