Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crossing the River to get to the Car

I love sleeping while it rains (not in the rain—I have done that more times than I care to think about and it is not fun) hearing it hit the roof, blow through the trees and just lull me to sleep. Ah, shit!! It’s 0440 and time to get up; I don’t get to sleep while it rains.

It is pouring as I try to get everything to the car. I am not concerned about me—I am going swimming, but I have a nice wool blend suit. Not good for it to get wet. I do get everything to car with out messing up my suit, but stepping off the curb and onto the road I have to traverse a raging torrent of water that comes up over my ankle. We need the rain, but not all at once.

This is my taper week for Chicago. I planned on a 1200-1300 yard swim to loosen up the body and myself edge sharp (yeah right). It was good to have our swim coach back in the saddle today. It’s a shame I am tampering because it was a good hard work out. I did a 500 warm up and did a variation of her work out (I did it sans shirt) 4x200.

I also signed up for a dive trip for next Wednesday. I hope the weather cooperates and I have a picturesque two tank dive with the St. Thomas Dive Club.

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