Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to the Pool

Today was my first day back in the pool since the race on Sunday. It was good to get back in the pool and swim. However, our coach was on vacation today and apparently almost everyone else. I think we had five swimmers.

I kept the work out short and fairly easy. The session today called for 3000 yards. I cut that back to about 2100 in an effort to continue recovering. Today’s work out was as follows

500 w/u (mixed stroke)
100 side fly drill
500 back kick (really stretches out my lower back and legs)
500 Pull with paddles
250 Fly kick with board
250 Free with paddles and fins.

Today we have a DC Tri Club Town Hall meeting. The purpose is discuss the up coming issues on the USAT ballots, hear Margie Shaprio (Olympic Hopeful), and most importantly have a beer.

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