Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday, Easy Sunday

This past weekend was just great all the way around. The weather on Saturday was fantastic for the Training Tri. I will have more on that when the results are posted.

Sunday it was somewhat overcast and spitting rain from time to time. Donna and I headed into DC for brunch at The Old Ebbitt Grill. This is probably our favorite restaurant in DC. Being brunch I had to have a mimosa, but I had their new BBQ ribs—which really does not go with a mimosa. But who cares. The sauce was very good.

Donna had her old stand bye—Petite filets.

We then headed to the National Portrait Gallery. I had never been there. We did not tour the entire gallery, but focused on the presidential portraits. We tagged along with a tour and listened to the history of two of the George Washington paintings and a life mask that had been made of him and a little about Andrew Jackson. He was very informative and expressive but there was no way I could listen to him talk about another 41 presidents. So we just cruised around the rest of the Presidential Portrait area. The Jimmy Carter portrait looked like it was a bad 1970s photograph and not just the color of his suit and tie. The palette used by the artist had to have been 1970s special. YUCK!!! The large Bill Clinton painting was also terrible. If I was ever the President (and you know that will not happen) I would make sure the artist got a good likeness of me. Poor guy actually looked like an alcoholic. He had a smaller portrait that was a very good likeness of him.

Then we went home and I cleaned up the man-pit. It is easier for me to work, when my office area is clean.

Now to start getting ready for Chicago.


Xena said...

You should go through the art museum part of the portrait gallery. Ed moser and I went once. It was amazing. Exposed me to concepts I hadn't seen before, and I'm a museum junkie.

Jenn said...

mmmm, mimosas!