Friday, August 3, 2007

Olympic Hopeful -- Not me

Man was it humid this morning. Janelle and I ran about 4.5 miles this morning and when I got home even my shorts were soaked. You have to love DC in the summer time. It felt good to get out run after almost a week off. Even if I had a couple of beers last night.

Last evening the DC Tri Club sponsored a Town Hall meeting with some of the Mid-Atlantic USAT Board Members. The biggest news other than the Key Note Speaker was that the Mid-Atlantic USAT and the DC Tri-Club had sponsored a Triathlon Camp for DC Kids and today was the big race. What I found really cool about this is how effective it has been at motivating some of these inner city kids and that USAT is using this as pilot program and wants to expand it over the next few years.

The Key Note Speaker was Margie Shapiro a local who is an aspiring Olympian. I think most of found it very motivational that she and her husband own a running store, she races A LOT of races during the course of the year and has two small children at home. She has worked her butt off over the last couple of years to get enough points in ITU competition to be ranked somewhere in the top 125 in the world. She is currently ranked in the top 50 and will be attempting to make the US Olympic Tri Team racing the 2008 Olympic Course in Beijing.

Good Luck Margie

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