Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Run

Saturday dawned partly cloudy and chilly here in the Nation's Capital. I typically ride the bike on Saturday and run on Sunday, but after looking at the weather I decided to run on Saturday and spin to some Miami Vice on Sunday.

I hit the road this morning hoping to get in a long run (at least long for me). I did not set a particular route, but I knew I wanted to run down by the water and through Old Town Alexandria.

I ran down to the end of the Four Mile Run Trail under the bridges and turned to head back into Old Town at the southern tip of Washington National Airport. At this point I was on the Mount Vernon Trail and I saw these ducks swimming in the cold Potomac.

I felt sorry for those guys. I would have hated to have been in the water today. As I approached the Daingerfield Island Marina, I was able to catch this great photo.
Then it was another couple of miles into Old Town and up King Street. It is always fun to run throught Alexandria on King in the mornings. There are so many people out walking their dogs and drinking coffee. It is great for people watching. Then under the train tracks, down Commonwealth Ave and back to the Casa. Today's run was 8.2 miles in about 78 minutes. I did not push it too much and I felt great. My first run of over 5 miles since before Christmas.

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triguyjt said...

looks like a great route to run...
perfect kinda day to run..

Rainmaker said...

I like that route. I agree - King Street is great, especially in the morning or evenings. It's even more fun trying to dodge cars for 16 blocks.

kodiacbear said...

Perfect weather and perfect run it seems. I'm jealous.

IronMatron said...

Tried to email you by clicking on the envelop but it requires I know your address!
The pics are gorgeous. Catching those moments is one of the reasons I love running so much.