Monday, January 28, 2008

Every had one of those days?

Sunday was one of those days where I wanted to kill people. There is construction on my near my house where a new bridge is being built. Due to the construction traffic has been re-routed and it comes down my street. I understand the traffic and I am willing to deal with it. What I am not willing to deal with is the dangerous drivers trying to make the light and not paying the least little bit of attention to what is going on around them.

I was taking the cars for their monthly baths and a fill up and I was almost hit twice pulling away from the curb. Both times were by what appeared to be moms in mini-vans with their kids with in the car with them. Then I would put my nose out to merge into the lane and people would cut me off, swerve to miss me (even when the light was red), or flip me off. It took all myself restraint not to walk up to one of the guys in front of me at the red light and throttle the little bastard. There are rules for a fucking reason. Follow them.

On a lighter note, I was able to get in two rides in the last couple of days. They were nothing special but I was able to do 15 miles in the 50 minutes of a Miami Vice episode. No, I have replaced Magnum. I just needed some variety. One of my blogger buddies Mary did 3 hours on the trainer. I would have killed myself after that long. But I bet my wife would beat me to it.


Rainmaker said...

I know what area you're talking about. A mess would be an understatement. I vector far and wide around that area.

IronMatron said...

Hey, that' me! :)
Hope you're feeling better.
Still can't figure out the email thing. Think I'm too dim.