Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Improvements

This weekend has been rather busy with all kinds of stuff. The DC Tri Club held its Annual Meeting on Saturday--more on that in another post. The big news was the installation of our new windows.

We own a rather old townhouse in Alexandria, VA. My wife was smart enough to purchase this house years before I was in the picture. She gambled on an up and coming neighborhood and it has really paid off. You should see our property taxes. LOL Well, the one thing that house has needed for years has been new windows. So instead of moving, we have decided to put some money in the house and not buy a bigger place. Number one on the list was new windows. Number two is going to be painting and then number three will be new furniture and an HD TV. I am waiting on the TV.

We started the window process in November. We picked out the windows we wanted from Home Depot and coordinated to have them made. The last week in December the contractor showed up to install them. He started with the spare bedroom and did he run into problems. This house was built in 1937 and I don't think the windows have been replaced. The metal frames of the window were embedded directly into the brick. There was no wood framing out the window. So the measurements were now incorrect and they had to be remade.

Saturday morning the contractor and his assistant showed up and started the work. Those two men worked there ass's off. They finally finished the job this afternoon and the windows look GREAT. The amount of damage that you would think would have occurred due to the old method of construction did not occur. I am more than pleased and the house is so much quieter. That should help my wife sleep much better.


Rainmaker said...

Home Improvement is always good fun. Although with the Super Bowl coming up - I might have reordered the TV to high-priority. Just sayin'...

It's also pretty cool that you got a contractor that will work hard - those are hard to find sometimes.

IronMatron said...

I'm glad it went well with the windows!
And by the way, I know we're the same age, but that doesn't mean I'm not old. It means we're both old! I kid. ;)

Jenn said...

I'm sure you'll also see a decrease in your energy costs with the newer windows that I'm sure are energy efficient.

and even if you didn't mean to, you are decreasing your carbon footprint! Us tree huggers love that :)