Friday, January 18, 2008

Life can get busy

We all go through stages in our life where we are taxed, or bored, or (fill in the blank). The last couple of years I was on a project at work that bored the living shit out of me. I learned a lot about the fuel and energy industry, and I learned that you can't blame the oil companies for the price of gas. They merely sell it to the highest bidder (so would I). However, the basic aspect of the job was boring. I was kept in that position I was because I was trusted. If I had been the person in charge of the project I would have done the same thing. However, in the last 2 months life has gotten interesting.

I moved to a project that was a little more my speed. It deals more directly with the Army and the type things that I have done in my life. But the best part is that the gentleman I am working with is a great teacher and salesman. I am getting to see a side of the business that I so far I haven't seen. He cares about the success of the people he works with and wants to see them succeed also. It's hard to believe that this almost 300lb man was once a professional soccer player and college coach. However, he attacks every opportunity the way a coach would and I really do appreciate it. I have the leadership skills, the technical knowledge, and now I have a great teacher in the business skills.

In addition to the new project, I have also become an independence coordinator. This additional duty can be time consuming, but it puts me in contact with people that I would not have come in contact with, and it also furthers my career. More money is good right? I can get a new bike.

Now on to this weeks training. It hasn't been too bad nor too good. So far this week I have gotten in 2 trainer sessions for about 28 miles, one 2200 yd swim and about 4 miles of running. Tomorrow, I am running with my wife in her effort to do her first 8 miler. She is doing a half mary program in the Galloway fashion. It will not be a fast 8 miles, but it wil support her and I am proud of the effort she has put into it.


IronMatron said...

Have a great run! Hope it goes well for both of you.
It's always great to have a good mentor at work. Glad you're feeling more energized about it!

Rainmaker said...

Good to hear you're enjoying a new project with a good teacher. That's what makes work enjoyable.