Monday, January 14, 2008

Me elected to something?

I was recently elected to the DC Triathlon Club's Board of Directors. Thank you for everyone that voted me and believe I will represent the club in a positive manner. I will do my best.

Please understand, I enjoy the training and the competing. However, triathlon is not a lifestyle for me. I am not out swimming, biking, or running like a lot of the members of the club. 3000 yds of swimming, 45 miles on the bike, or 10 miles running are all long workouts for me. We have club members who do that for a warm up. So I was surprised when some of the members asked me to run.

Run I did, was elected and on Saturday I became the treasurer. This is rather big organization. We have over 700 members with a core group of 100-150 who are really active. The club was started about 7 years ago and has really grown. It is time to start running the club more like a business than just a social club with an athletic problem. I really hope that this year we see growth in the activities, the training, and in some community service. Triathlon is a great sport than a kid can take with him/her their whole lives. Last year DC Achieve started the DC Kids Triathlon. I really want to push to have the club take a more active role in this endeavor and hopefully get it pushed out to other cities. I know that USAT and the Mid-Atlantic hope so too.

There will be more to follow as I know more.


IronMatron said...

hey! Congrats! That's awesome. And you do live the tri-life. What are you talking about?! You don't have to complete 3 hour workouts every day to be livin' the life....;)

Anonymous said...

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