Friday, December 7, 2007

A Very Cool Evening

This evening Donna and I had dinner with a dear friend and his wife that I don't see very often. After picking up and setting up, but not decorating our Christmas Tree, we headed into DC to pick up Tony and Karen. Tony and I went to college together and then lived together as LTs in Texas--which is where he met Karen.

We tried to get into Old Ebbitt Grill, but it had a very long wait time, so we drove and around and settled on M and S Grill (great food btw). As much fun as the dinner was, what made the evening really great was seeing the Army Band and Louise Mandrell at Constitution Hall. We were able to get VIP tickets from Tony and Karen. It was just wonderful to spend the evening listening to to great Christmas music with some old friends.


Anonymous said...

So I finally "get" your blog with the whole afghan deployment thing. I normally really am one of the brightest kids in the room - don't know what happened.
how do you like the dc tri club? I was thinking about coming to a few practices and things to check it out.

Rainmaker said...

That sounds really cool!

kodiacbear said...

AAAHHH!! the days of spending some well deserved time with old few and far between. Glad you were able to get a night in.