Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smoke on the Water

Another good morning in the pool. Today's workout totaled at about 2400 yards and went something like this:

Warm up
100 R Fin
100 L Fin
100 Both
100 Back

2x100 Right Side
2x100 Left Side
2x100 kick
2x100 back

250 Free
500 Free w/equipment
250 Free

2x25 sprint
2x50 sprint

Cool down

As much as I hate to get up in the morning, especially, when I could not fall asleep the night before, I love the feeling of a good swim workout. And in case you are wondering, it is not that I was swimming so fast that caused "the smoke on the water." Toward the end of the workout the door to the outside was opened to allow some fresh air in and with the air temp being 22 degrees we had our own fog machine going in the pool.


Lesser is More said...

Nice swim! I love a good swim workout too. Especially since swimming is the hardest for me...just seems very rewarding. Endorphins in the morning aren't too bad either!

Fe-lady said...

I love swimming through pool fog...indoors OR out! Makes one feel "tough and ready"!

kodiacbear said...

The imagery is beautiful even if not so pleasant :)

Rainmaker said...

For a second there I read that second paragraph and thought you did a polar bear swim. I think we should organize a DC area polar bear swim at some point...like after it snows a foot or something, in the reflecting pool.