Monday, December 10, 2007

Back in the Weight Room

I have been living up to my moniker the last couple of months--Lazy. I have been able to get in at least one run a week, but I haven't been biking or swimming. This the week is the week I am going to change that. Call it my New Years Resolution three weeks early.

This morning I hit the weight room to start toning back up. Let me tell you I haven't felt that weak in years. It really was a huge wake-up call. My work out wasn't that taxing, but I know I will feel it in the morning when I dive back in the water.

I will have some more information on what my resistance training is like later. I don't have the book nor the workout I used this morning with me at my desk.


kodiacbear said...

Yes,you may feel 'weak' BUT your back in the weight room-it still counts! Give us an update when you can

Rainmaker said...

Nice. Weight room is on my calendar (for next year of course - no reaso to start early).