Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DOMS or Why I want my arms to fall off

Until Monday I had not done any strength training in months nor I had I been swimming consistantly to give my upper body some type of resistance training. So I got up Tuesday and my arms were sore and headed off to the pool. Luckily, we did a fairly easy 2000 yd workout where the longest set was only 250. I could have kissed the coach. The swim worked most of the soreness out of my arms. That is until this morning. I got up to run and I could not raise my arms over my head. OUCH!!!!!

Well I completed an easy 4 mile run and that loosened up me up some, but now that I have gotten home and rested its hard to type. So this is all you are going to get today.


kodiacbear said...

Yes, but what an awesome feeling, right???

Rainmaker said...

Was the coach male or female?

Jenn said...

I am familiar with the concept ... sadly I haven't been in the weight room for a LONG time. My former trainer would be sad to see me, but like you I've got a resolution. I'm sure there will be lots of pain, but pain is good .... right?!?!?

Jeff Walton said...

I've gotten more serious about strength training too. Since I've reduced the biking and running for the winter, I'm doing weights twice a week in addition to the swimming.

Enjoy the pain. Soreness = progress!