Sunday, October 28, 2007

Todays Workout--Watching

Today I rode over to the Jefferson Memorial to watch and take pictures of the Marine Corp Marathon. I realy can't count an easy 11 mile bike ride as a work out, especially after seen the runners at running along at mile 15 knowing that they have another 11 miles to go, including those three dreadful miles around Hains Point.

Watching the competitors, especially the Challenged Athletes, is just so motivating. These two handcart competitors were at mile 15 in under two hours. Watching these two (and the rest) is just truly motivational. All the people who sit on their ass complain about how life is not fair need to get out and watch these guys. Then get off their asses and start moving. I promise you after a few weeks of regular exercise, they will feel and look better.

This guy carrying the American Flag was also amazing. He hit the 15 mile mark in about 1:45 and he was carrying a big flag, with his water bottle attached.

There there are the great costumes. There were many more than just these twos, but I was unable to get any really good photos. I don't know if the "Devil" picked his number or decided to dress up as the Devil after he received it. But I thought it was pretty funny.
Finally there was Mr. Cow. I don't know how he ran the whole thing in that get up, but I have to applaud him.
My congratulations to all the competitors. Great Job!!!!!


Rainmaker said...

Nicely done! I thought I saw you, I was looking around Jefferson. Were you dressed in a red coat/fleece/something? If so, then I both saw and recongnized you. If not, then I saw but did not recongnize you. I almost shouted your name, but decided against calling other people your name (in the event I got it wrong).

I saw cow dude around mile 24 or so. He looked like he was hurting, as he was walking. But I'm sure he still finished in a fairly respectable time.

Thanks for coming out!

peter said...

I saws the devil go by on the bridge but he got away before I could take a picture (plus I was looking for my runner). He looked cool, I'm glad you got a pix of him. I didn't notice his # at the time. I also saw Udder Man go by, same story. You didn't mention it, but he was ringing a cowbell. Fun on the bridge yesterday, even though it was windy and cold standing around up there!

Kevin said...

Hey "Other Kevin" from Alexandria, we should try to get in a ride together sometime!

I saw the Cow Guy on the metro on the way home and thought he looked "Udderly" ridiculous :) and I wondered if was he sponsored by Dell computers??