Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nice Lazy Weekend

I decided not to do much this weekend. I was going to take a short ride and watch the Army Ten Miler, but I ended up sleeping in.
On Saturday, Donna and I went for a little hike at Great Falls National Park. We hiked for a couple of hours and then had a nice picnic sitting on the deck. The first picture is of a small dam that is used to channel water into the greather Washington DC Water System and provide a safer area up stream of the falls for kayaking and fishing.

This photo is of Great Falls itself. The falls are just north of Washington DC on the Potomac River. The water is down so the falls are not nearly as wild as they are after a rain. It was calm enough for some kayakers to play around in the river.

This trashcan just confused me. Where do I actually put the trash if I can't put it in the can?
Later in the day I friend of mine came over and we watched the UGA Dawgs be handed an embarassing defeat by Tennessee. I ended up staying up late and watching the LSU come from behind and beat the Florida Gators. That was a great game.
Since I stayed up too late I ended up sleeping until almost 830 this morning. Which is VERY late for me. I did not make it out to cheer on the Army Ten Milers. I guess i really needed the sleep and my body feels better than it has all week. The rest of the day revolved around cutting the grass, cleaning the floors and doing some laundry. Now I am off to make a nice steak dinner.

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