Monday, October 29, 2007

Todays Workout--Locked out!!!

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from my swim coach. She was going to hold a special Monday morning swim work-out due to the fact that she had an early morning doctor appoint on Tuesday. I thought this was very kind of her so of course I intended to be present at the class. Welllllll, I was up and at the Alexandria YMCA at 5:25 this morning and none of the lights were on. The doors typically open at 5:30, but there is a crew of people in there getting the place ready. They are not the friendliest people in the world (more on that in a minute). I looked over at Kim (the swim coach) as I drank my nice hot coffee and she just shrugged. A few minutes later other YMCA employees showed up. However, they also have not been entrusted with keys to the building. Finally at 5:45 I departed for my house to get in some stretching and ab work.

One morning a month or so ago, a new member of the masters team was trying to get into the Alexandria, VA YMCA. She was being hassled by the lady who opens the place up in the morning. This lady is very over weight, whenever I see her around the facility she is complaining about some slight she has subjected too, or how she is the only one who does any of the janitorial work (her primary job). All of these complaints are usually being discussed with a member or another employee while she sits on her butt. This is not professional behavior and shows a lack of decency on her part. Back to my story--

Our coach went up to the desk clerk and informed the woman that she would take responsibility for her and after the computer people arrived later in the morning, would work out the computer problem with her card. Now, keep in mind this was 5:30 in the morning and the new member of the team had gotten up early to swim and was being kept out because of a computer error. The janitor/check-in lady told her, “No, you can’t take responsibility for her because I don’t her,” in a very rude fashion.

I am not certain as what Kim (our coach) did, but I confronted the executive director of the facility. I was giving the typical song and dance that it would be looked into and that she was having problems at home. Management of this facility is just pathetic.

If this facility was not so convenient and the majority of the employees were not so friendly and helpful I would be looking for another location.

Enough of my complaining---I am getting back to work now.

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