Friday, September 21, 2007

What day is it?

Have you ever one of those days when you had no idea what day it was? Well today was one of those days.

My alarm went off at 445 as it normally does during the week. I reached over to turn it off and wondered why the hell I did not reset it for 630 since today was (at least in my mind) was Saturday. I reset the clock and retreated to peaceful slumber. An hour and half or so later it beeped again and up I sprang (I am volunteering at the DC Tri Club Time Trial). A quick shower, pop in the contacts, put on my biking kit, grab the bike from the basement, grab a GU and water bottles, and I was outside to pump up my tires. As I was checking my pressure I noticed there was a lot of traffic on the road for 645 on a Saturday morning. I pondered that for a minute, put on my bike shoes and helmet; and then it HIT me. TODAY IS FRIDAY YOU IDIOT!!!! Talk about being bummed!!

I took my bike back in, showered and shaved, and I started to feel bad because I stood my running partner up—and I actually had to go to work.

Well, I made to work a little later than my normal 730, but the good news is I get to have ANOTHER Saturday tomorrow!!!

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Jenn said...

I had an unfortunate incident years ago where I *thought* it was Sunday and headed to mass. I entered late (not uncommon) through a side door just as the procession was going through the center aisle, and found a seat about midway up the church, sliding into a side seat. I was then MORTIFIED to realize that I was at someone's funeral!! I couldn't easily leave without the people around me noticing so I had to stay for it. I kept thinking "why would they have a funeral on Sunday?? Who is this person?" It wasn't until it was over and I made it home that I realized it was Saturday.