Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Morning Ride

I was suppose to assist at the DC Tri Club Time Trial this morning, but due to a problem I did not make it until it was over. However, I was able to get in almost 25 miles on the bike. I did some speed work at Hains Point. There was a hell of head wind for a while, but I was still able to average 18 mph. Overall, I was pretty happy with the ride.

My main gripe is the (and has been for a while) is the lack of etiquette on the trails around DC. So many of the people out on the trails walk 4 across and take up the entire trail while they are just talking. The biggest idiot I saw today was a mother who was teaching her young daughter to rollerskate at one of the busiest parts of the trail. She could easily get hurt and hurt a cyclist at the same time. But then no one is responsible for their own actions any more!!

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T-Storms said...

I'm with ya! I almost missed out on my first Ironman due to a "family outing" and the child decided to come out of single file formation on his tricycle and made a bee-line for my bike. Yeesh! Ass over teakettle I went - it was not a pretty site -but I'm quite positive there was a lesson learned if not traumatized the poor kid for life!