Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Couple of Workouts

Can you believe I actually got in two workouts in one day and it was a race week? Tuesday afternoon I did about an hour on the bike. After work is not the best to ride the Mount Vernon Trail (is there ever a good time?) but yesterday was not that bad, except around the airport.

I was cruising pretty good down the trail, seeing how fast I could go and still keep my HR under 140. I knew that some guy had been drafting off of me for a couple of miles, but did not give it any thought or than, “hey I am pushing 20mph with a HR sub 140”, finally after a small climb my HR went above 140 and I backed off. Much to my chagrin, the guy passed me and I realized he was riding a big-assed tandem. Talk about a blow to the old ego. The rest of the ride was uneventful, but I did recover my lost self-esteem as I continued to pass most of the people on the trail. Too bad I will not be at the front of the pack on Saturday.

On a serious note, I have cracked the nut on flatland cycling. I can consistently ride 25 miles at 20+ mph pace. I could not do that last year at this time. What I need to do now is learn to climb.

This morning was a nice easy 4 mile run. It was a little more humid than I thought it would be, but my legs felt good. Easy swim tomorrow and nothing on Friday.

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T-Storms said...

Dude - two workouts? You're getting serious. If you keep that up you'll have the change the title of your blog! :-)
Seriously - I'm envious. My workouts consist of 10 minutes on the 'ol trainer w/ no resistance and some very basic core stuff.