Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today's Workout: Back on the Bike

Fall is in the air here in National Capitol Region. The low last night was about 55 and the high today was around 70. I started my bike ride around 930 and planned on riding for about 90 mins very easy. I biked from my house over to Hains Point and did one long loop and then three short loops and then back home. That totals out a little over 23 miles. I kept it very easy since I haven't ridden in 2 weeks and I just wanted to get my legs moving again.

There is almost something interesting on the Mount Vernon Trail, especially around the Reagan National Airport. The trail is usually very crowded and one has to be very safe. On my way home I ran into a man dragging a cross who had stopped to use the bathroom at one of the porta-johns. He was discussing how to navigate the trail to Mount Vernon and then how to get to Fredricksburg with a Park Ranger--so I did not interrupt. Always something interesting around here.


Anonymous said...

Haha - that's awesome! I may try to make it to the HH but will probably attempt my long run that afternoon after work. We'll see!

Jenn said...

I see you changed your layout ... don't want to use the same layout as another cool wanna be tri chic :)

and seriously, what was the guy doing with the cross??? I mean it's not easter or anything.


Nyx said...

Keep up the good work.