Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Workout--Swimming while dressed

I was very happy to be back with the masters this morning. Our coach, Kim, was involved in a bad boating accident a couple of weeks ago. An irresponsible boater was not paying attention and ended up slamming the boat she was riding in, into a navigational beacon causing major damage to the boat and to her left side. She shoulder is messed along with her wrist. It is good to have her back and see her in good spirits. The down side is that no one got the registration number of the boat that caused the accident. The guy is still at large.

The workout today was fairly strenuous. I did it even though I am racing on Saturday. I am approaching the Nation’s Triathlon as just a long workout. I am not really prepared and I have not set any goals other than to have fun.

The workout today consisted of:
500 kick warm up
Main Set (with T-shirt)
300 pull
300 swim w/fins
300 kick
300 pull
End main set (shirt off)
300 swim
300 kick (cool down)

The 1200 while wearing a shirt makes it a little more difficult. Try it some time!!

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teacherwoman said...

Nice workout! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated!