Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Saturday dawned cool and bright. For those running the National Marathon it was a perfect day. I was sad that my training (or lack of) did not allow me to be ready for the National Half. But it is time to get ready for my PT test in April and then for the GW Parkway 10 miler at the end of April. Running buddy and I did about 5.5 miles in the cool air. Running Buddy’s predecessor was in the neighborhood house sitting and ran with us. The family he was house sitting for has a dog that looks like a big fat sausage with legs and she ran with us. She made it the entire route and was not worn out. I wish I could look like a sausage with legs and be able to run like that.

Saturday night was a night of wine, pasta and Rocky. The Bride made a very tasty dish of baked ziti for some friends of ours. After dinner and basketball we all watched Rocky. One of friends had never seen the movie. How can anyone be over 40 and never have seen Rocky.

Sunday morning after breakfast we headed out the super pet expo at the Dulles Expo Center. We never made it inside because we could not find a parking space. I don’t wait in a line to eat much less see jumping dogs. So we headed over to the Manassas Battlefield Park. My nephew is studying the War of Northern Aggression and he has chosen his historical figure to be Stonewall Jackson. What better place to get him information on BG Thomas J. Jackson than the place where he earned his nickname.

As usual the National Park Service volunteers and Rangers provided great information. The walk we were a part of was the history of the First Battle of Manassas. Below are some photos I took during the afternoon:

As a former Artilleryman, I just love cannons.

Finally, my question for this post. How do you deal with people who (yourself included) who allow emotions to over come logic? Feelings can be based upon false premises and causes you to have invalid emotional responses. Comments.....


Calyx Meredith said...

Confession: I'm 40 and I've never seen Rocky. Nothing against it really - but grew up around all girls in the South and it was just never a thing.

When people defy the odds in a positive way like achieving a long-cherished dream in spite of other people telling them it was foolish or doomed - I cheer for them. When it's a negative triumph of emotion/belief over logic (e.g. someone refusing to leave their house in the face of a known oncoming disaster like a hurricane) - then I don't know how to react. There's live and let live - but there's also the point at which we're pretty interconnected.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Our elderly dog slows down to run with me. It's frustrating. Hopefully I can pick up the pace to a decent trot this year.
I love the Rocky story. Great film.

Kelly said...

Mmm baked ziti.

And I ALWAYS allow emotions to trample my logic. What's funny though, is that I won't allow it from other people. I usually complaing or vent to my boyfriend, and he gives me a mental slap across the face and sets all right.

Rainmaker said...

"I wish I could look like a sausage with legs and be able to run like that."

Officially the best line I've read all day. :)

There's all sorts of folks out there running the GW 10-miler this year, I'm looking forward to cheering ya'll on! (Read: Looking forward to relaxing by the side of the road).

Cool pics from Battlefield Park!

rocketpants said...

Some cool pics!

I usually have to let things cool off to try to reason with people (myself included) that their emotions are too strong. But sometimes that still doesn't work.

Jenn said...

One of my co-workers did the National race and said it was one hilly monster!!

I meant to comment on your Yorktown post way back. I also love going to battlefields though it only shows my complete lack of historical knowledge. I wasn't aware of Yorktown's importance in the Revolutionary War and was actually there during an anniversary celebration which included a battle re-enactment. I got to sit near the cannons - BOOM!!