Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I thought Breasts were Pleasurable

Holy mother of Pearl. This morning was a rather difficult workout for a non-swimmer like myself. It started off normally. 300 kick (no fins) and 100 free to warm up. I don't like kicking that far with out fins, but hey--I need to do it. The next part of the work out was vigorous but not un-enjoyable:
1x250 kick@20 sec
1x250 pull@20 sec
1x250 swim@20 sec

750 yards is not bad at all. I had completed the warm up and this part of the workout in a little over 20 minutes. Damn, this is any easy day. Boy was I wrong. I never knew how much I hate the breast kick. The second set was the same as the first, but it was not free--but breast. It took me over 12 minutes to kick 250 yards doing the breast kick. I went nowhere. The breast pull and the complete stroke were not bad. I need to work those muscles.

Once that portion was complete, it was 100 of breathing drills underwater. For some perverse reason I like that those. Then a 100 cool down.

My complete workout this morning was 2100 yards in 54:34 and I burned about 750 calories.


Calyx Meredith said...

Yeah - I have more than once thought that being a frog would suck if I had to kick like that all the time (i.e. flailing uselessly). Good job for getting it done though!

Rainmaker said...

I think with titles like these, you'll quickly have all sorts of followers. :)