Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pop Quiz

Today I was back in the pool for the second time in two weeks and guess what? We had a quiz. I was not ready for today's quiz. I have not been studying much this semester. I have been on a karmic Spicoli trip. Just think of all those "tasty waves and cool buzz".

I arrived at the pool at 0530 and the coach side it was not going to be a long day of swimming. I was relived, but I should have known that it would be hard.

Total yardage was only about 1700 yards. However, we did two 200 yard timed swims (free-style for me). I averaged 3:26 for both them. That actually surprised me. After a short break we did a 10 minute timed swim. I ended up doing about 525 yards in those 10 mins. Not great, but not real bad either.

We did some active recovery swimming and finished up with swimming suicides. I had never done those in the water. However, it is a great way to practice flip turns and stregthen your kick going out of the turn.

Lets job hope there is no test for my morning run on Wednesday.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yeah, that test would suck, might as well stayed in bed and eat the dormies left over pizza instead.

BreeWee said...

Oh man, that test sounds like a real pain in the you know where! BUT at the same time it sounds like fun to jump in for a 200 and 10 min. timed swim!!

WAY to hold it together after only a few swims!!

CoachLiz said...

Swimming Suicides??? 50 yards all out? If so, I have done those and they are a barrel of monkeys.

My athletes have learned that they should be scared of short workouts because it mean Coach is ramping up the effort.

Dang it! They are learning all my tricks.

Trishie said...

Great swim!

rocketpants said...

nice job with the pop quiz!

Rainmaker said...

The more fundemental problem is being in the pool at 5:30AM. That's like a bad dream.