Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

I think I have finally gotten my head above water. I have caught up at work as much as I can be caught up and army stuff is moving right along. I luckily have my 1SG on orders for a few weeks so he can assist in over-seeing the day to day running of the unit.

Friday was dawned rather chilly at 37 degrees. Running buddy and I completed a slow 4.25 miles and commented on the fact that the weatherman had predicted snow. However, there was no snow on the ground nor was it falling. Toward the end of the run we had very light rain, that you saw in the headlights rather than felt. I got home, showered and when I walked out the door to go to the car it was actually snowing hard. WTF? None of stuck, but it was rather humorous after our bantering.

Saturday morning I was up early and Running Buddy and I hit the road for our first long run of the year--all 5.25 miles of it. Well, you have to start somewhere. It was a good run that actually felt much better than the day prior. It will start coming back (or so I tell myself). Can I be up to 10 miles in another 45 days?

My mother-in-law came to visit for the weekend. After the run, the rest of the day was pretty lazy. We watched a lot of basketball and then headed out to Del Merei. For those you in the Washington DC area I highly recommend this restaurant. It is not crowded during the week, but if you go on the Friday or Saturday night, please make reservations. Mary, the owner, would love the business during the week.

Sunday we headed in to DC to play tourist. We forgot that the St. Patrick's Day parade was going on so we had to park 15 minutes away from the American History Museum. It has re-opened after a 2 year closure. They have made some of the exhibits more interactive. At the Greensboro Diner an actor takes you through training for a non-violent sit-in. It was VERY well done. There is also an expanded exhibit on Abraham Lincoln.

This is a photo of Abe's actual hat. I thought that was pretty cool.

This was Abe's actual pocket watch. I really would like an opportunity to go in the Museum after hours with a tripod and my my flash and actually get to take some really good shots of the exhibits.

The was Harry Trumans key to the White House. I bet the locks are a little more modern these days.

Your's truly making my only inagural address.

As we were walking back to the car I caught this Corvette with a large Guinness taped to the back. You just can't beat a fast car and pint (just not at the same time).

Finally, this morning I weighed myself for the first time in ages. My weight was 185. I have three weeks to loose 10 lbs to get under my maximum for the Army. Keep my ass honest. If I don't post my weight weekly, call me out on it.


Kelly said...

I'm just leave a comment every DAY, "what is your weight?!"

I'm jealous you got to go to that museum. Last time I was in DC (only the 2nd time ever), it was closed and I was extremely disapointed.

Rainmaker said...

Cool photos. Almost looks like his hat is in brozne or something. So you're doing GW...nice. I'll be out there spectating - and taking photos for fun...

Melanie said...

great pics! :)

Lesser is More said...

10 miles in 45 days? Of course you can! If you are already running just over 5 miles, just tack on a mile a week for your long runs.

I tried to go to the American History Museum when it first reopened, but it was crazy packed with lines out the door. One of these days I'll get back there and check it out.