Friday, April 24, 2009

Woefully Un-Prepared

Have you ever felt unprepared for a race? I don’t mean the normal “I tapered too long or did I train enough” that we all subject ourselves too. I mean, I haven’t run more than 5 miles at any one time in months and I am signed up for a 10 miler on Sunday. I am just hoping to finish the race and be able to walk on Monday.

Things the last month have just been so busy, but productive at work. We completed release 1.0 of our system for the Army on time and on budget. We are currently working on some minor enhancements for release 1.1 and working hard on release 2.0. It is great to be working on a project that is well run, fun, and meaningful.
In my other job, the unit is preparing to head to the rifle range next weekend for our yearly marksmanship training. For those of us deploying overseas this will be the crawl phase of the typical crawl, walk, run method the Army uses in training. I am looking forward to it—I like to shoot.

For the rest of the summer I just need better time management and motivation. I have not had the motivation to get my lazy butt out of bed and workout. Those first 3 minutes after the alarm goes off is just torture. However, at the completion of my workout I feel so good and energized. As I was changing channels last night I did catch two Ironman races on Universal Sports. That was very motivational. Maybe I just need to DVR everyone that comes on for my motivation.

Finally, we are having the Bride’s birthday party this weekend at a friend’s house. I have a couple of good surprises for her, that I will not share here just in case she reads this. The big present for her big four-oh bday is going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. I wonder what I am going to get when I turn 40?

To everyone racing this weekend. Good luck!!!! I hope you are better prepared than I am.


Kelly said...

As long as you have at SOME point in your life run 10 miles, I bet you'll do just fine. Take it slow and focus on finishing. Good luck!

BreeWee said...

ugh, yeah, totally prepared... ha ha! I'm so excited you will be in Big Island sooon, what day is 10 days? I hope to see you on the island! email me if you need anything at all!

TJ said...

I too would be fight to survive a 10 mile race on foot.

Trishie said...

You'll be fine ! ... maybe not a PR, but hell - you are out there, doing it [so much more than many people] Hawaii?? so jealous !