Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Today is a rest day.  I have to swim on Saturday and then a short brick on Sunday.   We will be going to a different Church on Sunday—we are looking for a new one since we moved.  After that we are going into DC to meet up with a friend of ours who is in town for work.  I am hoping that tomorrow gets as warm as advertised, high 40s, so that I can finish painting the new shed.  I painted the body a couple of weeks ago, but still haven’t done the trim.  Hopefully that will not take more than a couple of hours.  I will try to remember to get some pictures of the shed before and after I paint the trim. 
Today has been one of those rather brain dead days.  When I don’t work up a sweat in the morning I just feel run down most of the day.   But I know my legs need a break and tomorrow will be a good day in the pool.  I miss my workouts and being in my own thoughts.  If I could just remember them or were more technically inclined I bet I could invent something crazy.  I am also pretty creative in the writing arena when I don’t have a keyboard or pen and paper in front of me.  My last two deployments I have started on a novel and never got very far. But I would lay in bed at night and map the plot.  My most current plot is a former Army Special Ops guy, who has become a National Geographic type photographer and is a triathlete living in DC, who gets recruited to “do thing” to keep us safe or to help out friends.   It’s a shame I can’t write it during work. 
I have finished up some work and I am awaiting it to be reviewed.  However, since it is Friday I am going to bet is not reviewed prior to my departure.  I am on the 6th floor of a building on the Virginia side of the Potomac listening to the wind HOWL.  I just checked the weather and it the wind is gusting to 53mph.  I was looking out the window wondering if some of the plywood being used for construction was going to get airborne.  Yuck!!  I am glad I am not out running or biking today. 

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