Friday, March 4, 2011

Is it Friday again?

Once again I am living up to my name.  I have been working out, but I haven’t been blogging.   In the past week I have had five really good workouts.  I can feel the endurance coming back, especially in the swimming and running.  Once I get the bike out on the road I will let you know how my trainer workouts have worked. 
I have had some contract issues at work.  So Tuesday and Wednesday I had to work from home.   I did bunch of CPE classes since I don’t have much vacation time since I have returned from military leave.   I also dismantled a shed, moved a desk, tried to do some plumbing, and bought a new part for the sink all over at the “old” house.   On Tuesday I had a 2000 meter total swim with the main set being 10 x 100.  I really hate 10 x anything (especially 100s).  However, I was happy with my times.  I got slower over the course of the set, but I started at about 1:40 and ended at 1:48s.  For a non-swimmer like me I have no complaints.  
I swam two days in a row and on Wednesday the main set was  4 x50 (constant pace),  3x300,  and  4x50 (finish strong).  Again my 300s were in the 1:48 to 1:50/100 pace.  I was pretty happy and rather tired.   Thursday morning was a run day.  After a nice warm Wednesday afternoon (low 60s), it was a blustery 25.  Where is spring?   As cold as it was, I still had a very good run.   I can tell the fitness is coming back.  I maintained or was a little faster over miles than I have been and my HR was about 7 bpm less. 
On the house front;  I started painting the shed, but I still haven’t finished the trim.   I got a new Weber Grill which I used for the first time last night.  Sorry no photos.  Finally, we ordered a new dining room table set.  It is suppose to be delivered on Saturday.   The house is slowly coming together. 
I will be playing soldier this weekend, so no hard training.  I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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Chad Davis said...

The Weber is a great investment. They last forever. Definitely worth the extra $.