Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strange Things afoot in the weight room

We all have our weird people (Whiskey Foxtrots as DC Rainmaker calls them) at the gym or pool that we frequent.  In the last couple of months I have going to one of the Fairfax Co Rec Centers near my house.  I have noticed that the men in the locker room are not as fit, nor as friendly as the ones at the YMCA I had been visiting .  The Bride and told me about some of the WFs using the weight machines and using the cardio equipment.  It was not that I did not believe her, but I had to experience these WFs for myself. 
WF #1 was fully dressed and using the weight machines.  He is fully dressed in an outdated button down shirt and khaki pants.  He is balding, thin (with a little gut), wears wire rimmed glasses, and reads a magazine between sets.  He also does not like to share the machine as he rests between sets. 
WF#2 was dressed in a dingy old yellow shirt and royal purple running shorts.  The Bride informed me that he has used the weight machines in nothing but a Speedo (banana hammock type).  So the two “gentlemen” start up a conversation.  I am not listening until they start talking about guns.  This piqued my interest, so I started to listen a little more.  The guns in question were of Civil War vintage which led to a talking about Civil War reenactments and re-enactors.  We all have our own hobbies and I am not one to question hobbies.  Then dingy yellow shirt guy stated the reason he was opposed to Civil War reenactments is…wait for it….wait for it…wait for it….the people in the 1860s had no fashion sense.  I almost lost it. 
What a strange bunch of people using the weight machines.  I will not even say anything about the lady who could give Tom Selleck lessons on growing a mustache. 
I would love to hear about your Whiskey Foxtrots!


Christi said...

I have "slapapotmus" at my gym. The poor guy has the worst swim form I have ever seen. One arm goes completely across his body line and results in his inability to swim in a straight line. Not too much that he literally slaps the water with each stroke.

The second WF is really weird and stares alot. I don't think I have ever seen him workout but he is there every time I am and he just stands around and watches other people. Very weird!

it's all about pace said...

A. I was once a slapapotomus

2. We have a lady who channels Beyonce on the elliptical...

Lesser is More said...

Another reason to remind myself it was a good decision to take a break from triathlons and more specifically, swimming...I rarely have to expose myself to the pool or the hidden dangers of the mens locker room!