Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was a long weekend and unfortunately it was a not filled with long runs and bike rides.  This was more a recovery weekend.  I try to schedule my recovery weeks on the weeks that I have my Reserve Weekends.  I am up and out of the house before the sun and it usually about 7 when I get home.  I could workout after I get home, but I have made a deal with the Bride to do something with her when I get home.  It is only fair.

Today, I hit the pool and did 2000 meters in 45:20.  It was a strange workout:

4x200 (Swim, Kick, Drill, Swim), 4x150 (Swim, Kick, Drill, Swim), 4x100 (Swim, Kick, Drill, Swim), 4x50 (fast) 100 cool down.  I had a good swim.  I don’t think I went that hard on a lot of the sets.  My time was within 2 minutes or so of my normal time, but I did not feel worn out.   Tomorrow is a morning ride with Crockett and Tubbs. 

The house is coming along nicely.  We are set to received the dining room set on Friday.   Today we had first cleaning with a new cleaning service and she did a great job.  The


lady who had been cleaning our other house wanted shit load (that is a financial term) of money and when we had her clean the house prior to us moving in, she did not do a very good job.  This new lady did a great job.  To the left is the front of the house.  













The downstairs Den


Another View of the Den.  The reason I am only showing the downstairs den is that is the only common room that is finished. 

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and keep working hard. 


TiffersRunsTX said...

Ohhhhh I like this house! Good swim! I might have to steal that workout.

Wes said...

Lookin good :-) You're already swimming 2000 yards? too soon! LOL....