Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick and Tired of the Cold

I am just sick and tired of the cold.  At least the last two mornings I have been able to watch the sun come up over the Potomac as I drove to work.  That means it is not cloudy and the days are getting longer.   Spring has to come sooner or later—I am hoping on sooner. 
Saturday and Sunday I donned my Army suit for the first time since returning from Afghanistan and it was back to the one weekend a month thing.  It has been nice to be off, but I can’t complain about the additional cash.  Plus it was good to see all the folks I haven’t seen since we got back.  The down side is not really any time to get in a workout. 
I did not work out  Monday morning.  I just did the weigh for our Family and Friends Biggest Loser.  I was not pleased, but I had a fair amount of alcohol and really bad food as I watched the game.  I was only down half a pound.  Whoops.  So Monday after work (the weather was fairly nice) I hit the road for a painful 4 miles.  The first half of the run I could not get loose nor really work up a good sweat.  According to my training plan I was only suppose to run 3 miles.  Since I am still learning all the side streets in the new neighborhood (yes I did Map My Run, but..) I took a wrong turn and ended up doing 4 miles.  The second half was much better than the first half, so I will categorize it as a good thing. 
Tuesday morning I was up and hopped on the trainer for a 10mile spin.  In the new house I have my own office/workout room.    I love it.  I mounted a TV on the wall so I can watch TV, a DVD, or stream Netflix.  I will have to get pictures up soon.   Tuesday afternoon I did an ab workout.  This morning, it was effing cold so I opted to do another ride instead of a run.  For entertainment during the ride I streamed an old George Carlin HBO Special, “Doin’ It Again”.  I forgot how funny that man is. 
This afternoon I am scheduled for some speed work in the pool.  I hate sprints. 
Now off to earn a living.


Matthew Smith said...

I hate the cold too! It just takes the fun out of exercising. But you're awesome for pushing through and doing it anyway. Man, your workout "lounge" sounds like a sweet deal. I'd love to see some pictures of your set up. Good luck training, and I'll be thinking about you in the cold as I am running as well! Have a great day!


it's all about pace said...

yeah! Pix of the workout room setup... look forward to 'em. I hear the groundhog saw a shadow too