Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where does the time go?

I finally have a minute to sit down and do a catch up post. Trying to get caught up after being off work for 10 days can be daunting.

I spent about 10 days back in Georgia with my mother. We had a really good week. Her second round of chemo went very well and she did not suffer many of the side effects that she suffered during her first round. The difference in her from my departure in December to seeing her again on January 9th was like night day. She was very alert, upbeat, and having a good time. Seeing her in such a good frame of mind really lifted a heavy weight off of my shoulders.

With the assistance of my aunt, we were able to locate a lady to live with her. Having someone in the house with her almost 24 hours a day makes it easier for her to stay at home and keep the dog. She really loves the dog and the dog loves her. It will be a sad day for all involved when she can no longer have the dog around. I think that will be more detrimental to her than the illness. The wife and I plan on heading back to Georgia over Presidents’ Day Weekend. My brother is going to join us, so it should be complete visit for her.

Last week, it was more catch up at work than getting in any workouts. This week was been much better. Monday I was able to get in a 30 minute ride on the trainer. My plan was to ease my butt back into the saddle. I haven’t ridden much in a while and I knew it would hurt.
Wednesday we had a snow/ice day here in the Nation’s Capital. I did an hour on the trainer watching Magnum and Jessica Fletcher try to solve a murder. Unfortunately, it is a two part episode and I will have to finish it on Saturday morning.

This morning, it was finally back in the pool. We only did 1850 yard of form work. However, they were short high intensity sets. After this long lay off and my poor technique in general these are the type work outs I really need.


Melanie said...

all the best for your mom... and awesome work on the workouts! :)

Trishie said...

Sounds like mom is doing well, and so glad she can keep her dog. I really do think that animals keep us healthy + happy.