Friday, January 2, 2009

Charting a Course

So I have wished everyone a Happy New Year and more of less got caught up at work today--even though it was a day off. Now I have to figure out what races I want to do and how to get my fat ass back in shape. I have been rather sloth like since the end of the summer and the last few weeks have not helped much. I know that exercise is a great stress relief and it does make me feel so much better once my work out is complete. It is just getting started when I am stressed that sucks.

I stepped on the scale this morning I it went TILT. I weighed in at a whopping 180lbs. Please keep in mind that I am only 5-8. It is time to get serious and work off this fat and stress. Tomorrow is the beginning. At least one hour on the trainer. The question is which season of Magnum to start with?

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BreeWee said...

Oh my scale hates me too, but it won't be for long...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and of course I will scoop you on local good food for your trip in May!!