Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is slowly arriving

Sunday morning dawned bright and cool, but still with a hint of spring in the air. My thermometer said 48 degrees, but with no wind and the bright blue sky it felt great. My running buddy and I met up at the normal spot and her first comment was, "This place looks different with all these people here." My response was, "Yeah, and the sun is up too." We typically start our weekday runs at 0530 and are finished by 0630.

I was hoping to push out to 8 miles on Sunday just to see how the body would deal with it. However, Runner J felt like 5 miles would be more than enough for her. So we compromised on 5 (see how flexible I am) and I would do another mile to and from my house equally out to 6 miles. That actually was a lot smarter since I haven't done over 5 miles in a while and how shitty I felt last week.

It was a gorgeous run down by National Airport, along the Potomac, and back into toward the local coffee shop.

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Then later in the day it turned cold and rainy. At least today was very spring like. Spring is ON the way!!

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IronMatron said...

spring is own the way! To my mind, though, you have already been experiencing spring for a month now. :)