Thursday, April 10, 2008


This has been a really crappy week overall. I have been suffering from a either a spring cold or some type of allergy. I am betting on an allergy sense I get the same type symptoms every year about this time. Runny nose, sore throat, head that weighs 80lbs and a very blurry view of the world are some of the symptoms. Illness and a slow period of at work right now are not a good combination for me. Why can’t slow periods at work coincide with good health and good weather? Because of this I have not been able to work off my frustration at some of the things going on in the world. So here are some of my random thoughts and ramblings:

The Olympic Torch:
Don’t you find it rather ironic that the people most opposed to the brutality of the Chinese in Tibet are using violence to stop the torch? Did the world just realize that China has been using violence in this region for years? How stupid are these people? Let the Games go on and let these great athletes compete in the smog choked country of China. Then these athletes will go back to their own countries and will be able to tell about their own country how dirty of a place China is. Allowing the Games to go on will make a bigger joke out of China, in the long run, than using violence to snuff out the torch. Dennis Miller had the best idea I have heard. During the opening ceremony all the athletes come out in those Tibetan Monk Robes. Now that would be a sight to see.

Christian Bashers:
Lately, I have been hearing more and more bashing of Christians. (Full disclosure—I consider myself a Christian and at the same time I have issues with organized religion) This morning on my way to work I was listening to an interview about a show airing this weekend called Bible Boot Camp. Apparently, there is a camp in Florida that spends two weeks in the summer preparing teenagers and young adults to serve as missionaries overseas by using boot camp techniques and teaches them how to conduct public works in the developing countries they will soon visit. WOW!!! I see nothing really wrong with this premise. We are pretty soft as a country anyway and these young people are going to do something that’s important to them and help others. The movie maker appeared to be rather shocked that these kids would “suffer” through these two hard weeks to get themselves in shape and better prepare them for their journey. I guess this bothers me because people act the same way about my serving in the military and pushing myself in triathlons. I think we would be better off if people were more selfless and stopped caring about whether Brittnay is wearing panties or not.

The Atlanta Braves:
Can’t they win some games?


Lesser is More said...

I agree with you about the Bible Boot Camp. I was also listening to that conversation and thought, so what? I am not Christian, but felt that it was unfairly accusing a group for doing something wrong, when they are causing no harm and only preparing to do good. There are much worse things to complain about in the world...(besides Britney of course)

CoachLiz said...


I don't get that whole "I'm gonna protest" thing. Maybe it was the way I was brought up. If you are savvy about it, there are ways to contact people who do make important decisions about the issues you have a bone to pick with. Having all of your facts helps as well. Chaining yourself to a tree, hunger strikes, trying to douse the Olympic flame, or getting in a fight with police officers who are just trying to keep the peace makes one look like a huge idiot.

That being said, did you see the cover of Star magazine??? Brit has lost 9 pounds and took a secret get-a-way trip with K-Fed! OMG!!! Katie Holmes got a new haircut to look just like Posh Spice! Heath Ledger may have had a love child when he was 17!!!

The really important news of the day...

rocketpants said...

Ohhh...i hope you feel better soon! The chaos around China right now is a bit nuts.

Rainmaker said...

Regarding the Braves... I hope they don't choose tomorrow to try and win one. Cause I got tickets to the game! Although to be fair, I'm not exactly a Nats fan (M's fan).

Funny, after the Pacers run tonight we chatted for about 30 minutes about the whole Olympic torch fiasco thing. You bring up a ton of valid points!

triguyjt said...

the dennis miller suggestion is hilarious...

have them all wear smog helmets or whatever..

everyone is afraid of a little blood sweat and tears of committment....crazy aint it??/

braves always find a way...dont panic

kodiacbear said...

Angie here agreeing with coachliz--direct change in realistic manner by well versed prose to those that matter.

...and the good news is..the Red Sox are winning..