Monday, April 7, 2008

50 Items of Wisdom

These 50 things are not exactly just about me. Some are about me and others are bits of wisdom I have learned on the years.

51. I love the state of Texas. Especially the hill country.
52. Austin is one of the greatest party cities around.
53. I was disappointed the first time I saw the Alamo
54. Girls should be kissed
55. and often
56. There is are few things cooler than shooting artillery canons
57. Beer should be dark and cold
58. When single, don’t date a woman who likes married men
59. Trust your buddies when it comes to the people you date
60. Keep your house clean
61. Make your bed
62. Learn to cook
63. Chicks dig it
64. After they wonder if you are gay
65. We all have a vice or two—enjoy them
66. Don’t over indulge in anything
67. Well that’s not always true
68. I love Hemingway—Read the classics after you grow up.
69. Learn about the authors you enjoy
70. Find a creative hobby
71. I have jumped from airplanes
72. Piloted boats
73. Scuba dove
74. Taken up photography
75. Done Triathlons
76. War is not pretty
77. Losing is even worse
78. Some things are worth dying for
79. Some things are not
80. Stand for what you believe
81. Facts are more important than emotions
82. Facts are not personal
83. Emotions are personal
84. Emotions cause you do stupid things and cloud your judgment
85. Differing opinions are valid when the facts are agreed upon
86. Visit as many states as you can
87. Why do Yankees move to the south and then complain its not like the north?
88. Washington DC is NOT the south
89. Tea should be sweet and cold
90. Treat everyone with respect and fairness until they prove they don’t deserve it
91. Every female is a lady and every male is gentleman, until proven otherwise
92. Ladies—ma’am is a sign of respect. Get over your insecurities
93. High School is over. You are not the same person you were then.
94. Most of us are better
95. Some still relive our “glory years”
96. Shoot me if high school is the best years of my life
97. Hug your spouse
98. and your kids
99. and your parents
100. You don’t know how long you will have them


Ange said...

this was fun to read and thought provoking too. I'm excited to scroll down and read your first 50 now.

CoachLiz said...


I can totally agree with you on 51,52, and 53. The Texas Hill Country in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom is God's gift to the United States. If you throw in a dish of Blue Bell Ice Cream from that little creamery in Brenham, TX, then it is almost heaven.

I'm a Yank by birth but I thank my lucky stars that I was able to move to Texas. Now, I never want to leave. I love it here.

Rainmaker said...

"53. I was disappointed the first time I saw the Alamo"

Tell me about it! I was like "What?!?!?" that little dinky thing? I think that's an outhouse.

rocketpants said...

I like those! Nice list.

IronMatron said...

Part two of the character sketch. Lots of little tidbits that could be blown up and made into big stories.
Very interesting!

Jenn said...

I really enjoyed bulleted, but yet still indepth look at Kevin's mind :)

kodiacbear said...

lots to catch up on for me..Love these 50!

Anonymous said...

88. Washington DC is NOT the south

I am from Chicago and Washington DC is very south to me. The weather is too warm and not enough now in the winter time.