Monday, November 12, 2007

Two Years

It is so hard to believe that we have been married for two years. The time really has just flown by. We had kind of make it a tradition to go on a cruise for our anniversary, but this year we are heading to Seattle for Thanksgiving to visit my brother who I haven't seen since he returned from Iraq. So we decided to stay closer to home and visit Colonial Williamburg and stay at a very nice resort known as Kingsmill.

We both left work early on Friday and we were on the road by 1:15. Since it was a holiday weekend, there was not much traffic leaving DC and we made good time. I had to make my mandatory stop going to south at a Waffle House to get my patty melt fix. Then it was back on the road to complete the journey back in time.

We arrived, checked in, and after some relaxing it was off to dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Food for Thought. If you are in the Williamburg area or traveling along Interstate 64, get off and enjoy the food and service. I can't say nice enough things about both. Then it was back to the condo, after a stop at Wawa for some coffee and half and half. There was only Starbucks at the Condo and neither of us are big Starbucks fans.

Saturday we slept late (almost 7:15), had some coffee, watched some college pregame, and it was off on our trip back in history. We did not pay for admission to anything this weekend. Everyplace we went had Veteran's Day specials, so we watched the movie and then stepped back in time. During our few hours in the 18th century, we saw a trial, toured the magazine and saw the weapons (most original), watched a fife and drum parade.

toured the old prison and finally took a tour of the Royal Governor's Palace. This is Donna outside the prison enjoying some hot cider.

And here I am in trouble as usual.
Then it was back to the hotel to watch UGA and Auburn, and get changed for dinner. The dinner at Eagles on the property was very good. After dinner we watched some of the Maryland/BC game. All in all it was a good day for the both of our teams!!
Sunday we ventured down Jamestown to learn a little more about the first settlement in America. The actual settlement has some ruins, the walls of the old Fort, a visitors center and of course a statue of Pocahontas.
We toured a couple of recreations of the ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown and decided to call it a day. We then headed back north to our little casa for a good nights sleep prior to heading back work.

It was a great weekend and anniversary!!!! I couldn't have asked for more fun!!!


Jenn said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I loved my trip to Williamsburg when I lived in VA Beach! The magazine was most cool as was the tour of the Governor's Mansion. I also liked stopping in to a pub for a pint and some talk with the "locals." When I said I was from Illinois, he said "ahh, the frontier lands, you must be of hearty stock to make that your home."" :)

Never made it to the Jamestown settlement - went shopping instead - but did tour the Yorktown battlefield!

Rainmaker said...

7:15AM is sleeping late? Yikes.

Congrats on your anniversary! Glad you had a great weekend!

Laurie said...

Happy anniversary!

I had the opportunity to visit Jamestown and Williamsburg when I was in VA this past summer. I thought they were both really cool. I would love to go back to Williamsburg at Christmas time.