Wednesday, November 21, 2007

REI, Music and Fish

Donna and I spend the day in downtown Seattle today. We went to Pikes Market, had lunch at Lowells (it is rather over rated), visited the Experience Music Project, and capped the day off at the REI Flagship store.

Pikes Market was pretty interesting. We did not spend much time there, but we did eat Lowells. I have heard of that this place was very very good. However, I found this restaurant not to be that good. However, the view was outstanding.

The Experience Music Project was rather fascinating. Since I am rather cynical, I came to the conclusion that Paul Allen started this project (1) because he has more money than God and (2) he never really had an friends and was not cool. Now he gets to hang out with cool rockers.

We ended the day at the REI Flagship Store. This place was HUGE!!! I could hang out the for days.

Well, its late and it is time to hit the bed.

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