Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Did I really swim that fast?

I finally got back in the pool after two weeks on dry land. I had planned on swimming two days last week; however for one reason or another the pool was not open during my self imposed morning swim hour.

Our coach is still out with her injury and we had a “sub” whose methodology is very different. We started out with a basic 600 yd warm up broken down in the following:
200 kick
200 swim
200 pull

Next we did down steps totaling 600 yds:
300 yd 30r/i
200 yd 30 r/i
100 yd 30 r/i

We then did sets of 10 x 100. These were broken down into 3 x Slow, Medium, Fast and the final 100 was all out. The purpose of the slow sets was to rest while swimming. It is not that hard to lower your HR after a fast set while swimming easy and slow. The medium set was a moderately fast pace that you could maintain for at least 15 minutes. The three fast sets were as fast as you could hold for 100. Then the last one was an all out sprint. Some how my three fast sets were an average of about 1:46 and then my all out sprint was a 1:43. The really scary part of that is that if I could do a decent flip-turn I could cut another 2-3 seconds off.

Overall I was very pleased with the workout today. However, I am certain I will feel it tomorrow. Lets see how my lungs like running the newly cold.


Rainmaker said...

Very nice times! I suck at flip turns. Actually, that implies that I A) Can do them and B) Just aren't very good at them. Neither is true. I simply can't do them. I usually end up pile driving myself into the pool bottom or the lane next to me. I suck bad. And everytime I 'plan' to practice them, I find an excuse to not practice them.

Lesser is More said...

Great times! I somehow feel that if I can learn to flip turn, I can fit in a little more with the "real" swimmers (you know, the ones that wear speedos)...I'll occasionally do one or two, but it will be a while before I am able to do them within a distance set, because its just tires me out.