Friday, December 3, 2010

Slowly Working Out

I had such high hopes for my workout on my return.  However, life and laziness (I am not the Lazy Triathlete for nothing) have gotten in the way.  I have been swimming the last month.  I am back up to about 2000 yards.  Most of these workouts are rather slow with lots of drills thrown.  I haven’t run in over a week.  Most of my runs have been on the short and slow side, especially since the weather has gotten colder.  I am going to try and run for about an hour tomorrow. 

The other issue that has been tying me up is the process of buying a house and selling a house.  We were looking at one that did not have a buyer for a while, dragging our feet hoping that no one was interested.  At the last minute we were in a bidding war, unprepared, and ended up losing that one.  We have found another house and have a contract on it.  Currently there are two issues holding it up.  We are still awaiting the mold test and the VA appraisal.   I am concerned about the VA appraisal.  I am hearing horror stories regarding the this process. 

This house has been completely re-done on the inside.  It is basically brand spanking new.  I will need to enlarge the deck and the backyard needs some TLC, but that is not an overly difficult process—just time consuming.  Wish us luck.

We also went to the Keys for Thanksgiving.  Myself, the Bride, her mother and father, and her sister and her family.  We had a blast.  Plenty of sun, fruity drinks andKey-Diving-3 some great scuba diving.   In addition to the diving we also did a 5K turkey trot at the resort.   I promised the Bride I would run with her.  It was a lot of fun if not the fastest race of my life. 

Next Friday we head to Puerto Rico for a cruise.  So I better work out hard the next six days.  I just wish I had the new bike easily accessible so I could do some trainer rides.  But we are keeping our house clutter free incase someone comes to look. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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